III.1. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer or mobile device when he visits the Operator's website.
They allow the website to store certain actions and preferences, such as language selection, device screen resolution, and other display settings for a certain amount of time,
so they do not need to be entered or elected each time they visit the website or move from one subpage to another. More information on how cookies work is available on the European Commission's website at the following link:
III.2. The operator uses cookies to store:
    information on the user's consent to the use of cookies on the Operator's website;
    settings for displaying information such as language or screen size settings;
    statistical information about site traffic;
III.3. The information under Art. III.2. does not contain personal data in the sense of the GDPR and by using the cookies the Operator can not establish the identity of the User.
III.4. On this website we use session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies allow to link User actions during a browser session. The session begins when the webpage window opens in the user's Internet browser and continues until it closes. These cookies are temporary and are deleted after the browser is closed by the User.
III.5. Permanent cookies remain on the User's device for a period of time specified in the cookie itself. It is activated whenever the user visits the website that created the cookie. They are retained for the duration specified in the cookie parameters or until removed manually by the User.
III.6. Controlling, disabling, or blocking cookies could be done through the user's browser settings. In the event of deletion and/or blocking of the cookies used by the Operator's Website, some of the features may be unavailable to the User, their effectiveness reduced or certain information has to be entered each time by the User.